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‘Building Quality Together’


Construction Management is a process by which the Owner’s Representative (Construction Manager) and the Owner work closely together to maximize quality and professionalism.  It is a specialized management service performed for the purpose of coordination and accomplishment of project planning, design and construction.


Some of the key advantages of using a construction manager are:


1.   Leverage the construction manager’s knowledge of the construction process;

2.   Expedite project tasks by providing the construction manager with direct control of project scheduling;

3.   Negotiate directly with subcontractors if there are changes in scope;

4.   Minimize the threat of liens by paying contractors and suppliers directly;

5.   Maintain direct control over payments made to the contractor(s) giving the homeowner the ability to pay actual costs plus agreed upon markups;

6.   Save money on your project by not paying excessive sub-contractor mark-ups, overhead, and profit margins;

7.   Ability to manage and access actual subcontract agreements, material receipts and actual labor time sheets, allowing you to see what the project really costs;

8.   Maximize quality through every phase of the construction process with site supervision, quality control  processes, and regular inspections.


Plan For Success


By planning early, you will be in a better position to achieve success on your project.  Advantages of planning early are:


1.   Ample time to flesh out your design completely so that you are totally satisfied with all of the decisions you have made;

2.   Allows you to secure the best contractor(s), and the best value for your project by tendering early.  The most reputable contractors are fully booked very early in the season;

3.   Allows you sufficient time to secure financing if required;

4.   Allows you to finalize all permits and approvals with the City in order to eliminate future surprises; and, most important of all;

5.   By planning early you are taking measures to ensure that your home project will be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.


A project must have a definite start and finish, and not linger on forever.  Planning early, and using a construction manager can save you time, frustration, help control building costs, and provide closure to your project.


Leveraging twenty (20) years of experience in the consulting engineering and project management disciplines, Just For Homes Inc. and it’s team of associates are well suited to design and manage your home project.

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